Purchase Clash Royale Gems through Real World Money

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Purchase Clash Royale Gems through Real World Money

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Clash Royale offers its players the opportunity to purchase Clash Royale gems from its card shop with the help of real world money. Those gems may be utilized to purchase cards, chests along with gold from the shop with the help of few clicks. As soon as the player wins a multiplayer battle he is supposed to win a chest.

Chests – Consuming a Certain Amount of Time

The chest takes a certain amount of time for opening on the basis of rarity of chest. It is a fact that chests take a certain amount of time to get unlocked. In general, it has been observe that Silver Chests consume a time of three hours and Golden Chests eight hours to get unlocked. Some may even consume a time of more than twenty four hours.

Gems are very much useful for speeding up the unlocking and purchasing procedure of chest. Chests are well known for comprising cards and gold, while free and crown chests are well known for containing gems. Variable levels of chest comprise various types of cards. If you are a holder of a certain specified number of troop cards, you may easily upgrade the same to enhance its statistics.

Open Chests for Fetching Chest Slots

Any player may hold a maximum number of four chests at a single time. In order to open up chest slots a chest needs to get opened. You may also be provided with free chests at the interval of every four hours, among which only two can be stored. Every twenty four hours, you hold a favorable chance of winning a Crown Chest by claiming crowns from battle victories.

Players enjoy battling through more than ten arenas, where each and every arena requires a certain amount of trophies. You may also form clans by forming a group along with other players. You may also engage yourself into friendly battles with competitors.


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