Tips to Choose the Best E-Juice for Vaping

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Tips to Choose the Best E-Juice for Vaping


If you have already used an e-cig, you will know that the most exciting part of it is the various flavors of e-liquid. There are such a wide ranges of options that choosing best e juice is really difficult.

An e-liquid is filled into the cartridges and then the atomizer turns the liquid into vapors which enhances the vaping experience. The e-liquid is a blend of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin along with flavoring and nicotine.

Here are some things that you need to consider in an ejuice.

Strength of Nicotine

E-liquids can be consumed and can give you a great vaping experience. The level of nicotine in an e-liquid has to be considered when you are selecting an e-liquid. The available strength of nicotine ranges from 0mg to about 36 mg.  The strength of nicotine that you are choosing largely depends on the how heavily you smoke. The highest strength of nicotine is good for people who smoke about two packets of cigarette per day. However, you also get e-liquids with no nicotine at all. This is basically for people who want to quit smoking.

Personal Taste

When you have to choose the right flavor of e-liquid your personal taste needs to be taken into consideration. Some of the ex-smokers prefer choosing flavors which mimic the cigarette brand that they used to smoke. You will also get a choice of alcoholic flavors such as whiskey, champagne, and rum. You will get flavors of other beverages, too that you can enjoy.

You need to store the e-liquid in a dry and cool place. The e-liquid shouldn’t come in contact with direct sunlight. You should also shake the bottle before using it so that the flavor is evenly distributed. You need to be careful to keep the e-liquid away from children and pets as it can be harmful to them.

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